Quarry Construction Environment
Quarry Construction Environment

This Project was created to bring a diorama used for teaching quarry construction to a virtual platform. My role on this project was to create the quarry environment was modeled in 3ds Max using reference images of the diorama. This included modeling, texturing and creating all foliage and environment models. WebGL is the platform used for viewing the quarry and the individual sites.

All foliage and rocks have LOD models and auto populate using dummies when the program opens. Textures were painted on in 3ds Max using vertex painting. Two materials were used to texture the quarry environment using RGBA channels. Splat Maps were exported from 3ds Max and imported into Photoshop to make a quick fix to the alpha channel which would allow Unity to read it. Each texture had normal maps.

** All vehicle and equipment models were created by other 3D artists working on this project. They were placed on the quarry terrain to show the different stages of quarry construction. **

More artwork
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